Hammond’s Imperator, Fusion, Titan and Spartan Series of Industrial Control Transformers are used in motor and process control applications across North America.

Line and load reactors, motor-starting transformers, mining duty transformers are all part of the wide range of products that Hammond designs and manufactures in Canada.

The Titan series of epoxy-potted transformers are Class 1 Division 2 rated for hazardous environments. They are also ABS certified for marine/ship-board applications.

For Industrial-type UPS, Inverter and DC Power systems Gutor is one of the world’s best known manufacturers. These high quality products are customizable for highly specialized power quality applications in industrial environments.

Cadweld exothermic welded connections are the most reliable and effective grounding systems in the electrical industry.

Critech Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) from Erico help prevent outages and downtime caused by surges and spikes in supply voltage