Hallwood has the most experienced Power Quality Specialists in the industry, all with different areas of expertise in solving power problems.

With APC and Gutor UPS Systems, we offer the widest range of back-up power solutions possible. From single phase desk-top UPS systems supporting just a few watts of load to large multi-module systems that provide several megawatts of back-up power, we have solutions for both commercial and industrial applications.

Hammond Power Solutions’ Centurion Harmonic Mitigation Transformers (HMTs) are the industry’s top choice for power distribution systems that supply high-harmonic electronic loads in business and industrial environments. HMTs provide the added benefit of energy savings along with increasing the usable capacity of these transformers.

Hammond is also the market leader in line and load reactors and filters that are used in conjunction with variable speed drives to reduce the harmonic effects of these electronic devices.

Critech Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) from Erico help prevent outages and downtime caused by surges and spikes in supply voltage.