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We understand that dealing with large companies can sometimes be challenging. Finding the right person to contact, the right number to call, the right procedure to follow can be time-consuming and confusing.

We are here to help. As exclusive Manufacturers’ Representatives of some of the biggest names in the Electrical and Data Centre industries, our goal is to make the process easy and simple. We are happy to be of service so you can make more efficient use of your valuable time.

With our wide-ranging and in-depth experience in the products we promote, we strive to get our end-user, engineer, distributor and contractor partners the most accurate information in the shortest possible time. After all we’ve only been at this for 58 years.

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Hallwood Milham Technologies is an industry-leading Manufacturers’ Representative Company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


We have been representing leading manufacturers in BC’s Electrical and Data industries for over 58 years.

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Our focus is to provide the best customer service in the industry. Ensuring that we can be relied upon to get you the most accurate information in the shortest possible time.




We maintain a stocking warehouse for Caddy, Cap, Elastimold and Hammond Transformers located at: Units 1115/1215 6900 Graybar Rd, Richmond, British Columbia V6W 0A5

This stocking location is to ensure that our select distribution channel will always have the preferred Caddy(nVent), Cap Products, Elastimold (ABB), and Hammond Power Solutions products you need.

Contact Hallwood or your local distributor and ask for Caddy (nVent), Cap, Elastimold(ABB) and Hammond Power Solutions products by name.

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Data Centres

We have the most complete data centre infrastructure offering in the industry.

Our modular approach to data centre implementation is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Modularity enables scalability, which maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs.

Modular solutions result in the lowest Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), the highest level of redundancy, and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Hallwood’s trained and experienced data centre specialists would be happy to help you plan and implement your new data centre. Where building space is a concern, we can help with our prefabricated data centre solutions. We can also assist in improving the efficiency and maximizing the capacity of your existing data center or server room. Give us a call today.


Hallwood represents some of the most recognizable names in the Utility industry including Cadweld (nVent), Elastimold (ABB), Eritech (nVent), Hammond Power Solutions and Homac (ABB).

Cadweld by nVent offers exothermic welded connection products that satisfy even the most stringent grounding standards and ensure the lowest possible ground resistance.

Elastimold by ABB is the industry leader in Molded Rubber products such as EPDM Rubber Load-break and Dead-break elbows, junction bars, vacuum fault interrupters, and vacuum switches.

Eritech by nVent has patented Theft-Deterrent Composite Cable that is fast becoming the industry standard for grounding cable, along with exceptional grounding products for a sound infrastructure.

Hammond Power Solutions dry-type transformers are environmentally friendly, reliable, and field-repairable, thus reducing system downtime in the Power Grid.

Homac by ABB has a comprehensive range of connectors and splices tailored to the utility and industrial markets, making them a leader in this segment.

Power Quality

Hallwood has the most experienced Power Quality Specialists in the industry, all with different areas of expertise in solving power problems.

With Gutor UPS Systems, we offer the best industrial UPS solutions. From systems supporting just a few watts of load, to large multi-module systems that provide several megawatts of back-up power, we have solutions for the most advanced industrial applications.

Hammond Power Solutions’ Centurion Harmonic Mitigation Transformers (HMTs) are the industry’s top choice for power distribution systems that supply high-harmonic electronic loads in business and industrial environments. HMTs provide the added benefit of energy savings along with increasing the usable capacity of these transformers.

Hammond is also the market leader in line and load reactors and filters which are used in conjunction with variable speed drives to reduce the harmonic effects of these electronic devices.

Critec Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) from Erico help prevent outages and downtime caused by surges and spikes in supply voltage.

Commercial Products

Our commercial products line-up includes the biggest names in the industry such as Caddy(nVent), Carlon, and Hammond

A testament to the reputation of Caddy nVent Data Communication and Electrical fasteners is the number of manufacturers world-wide that do their best to imitate their innovative solutions. As well as the newest product by nVent Caddy the WBT basket tray.

Cadweld exothermic welded connections are the most reliable and effective grounding systems in the electrical industry.

Cap products these nipples and bends are manufacturered in North Amercia for quality control.

Carlon a reliable manufacturer of ENT and PVC products for all your electrical and data needs.

Hammond Power Solutions is the market leader in North America for Distribution and Medium Voltage transformers.

Industrial Products

Hammond’s Imperator, Fusion, Titan, and Spartan Series of Industrial Control Transformers are used in motor and process control applications across North America.

Line and load reactors, motor-starting transformers, and mining duty transformers are all part of the wide range of products that Hammond designs and manufactures in Canada.

The Titan series of epoxy-potted transformers are Class 1 Division 2 rated for hazardous environments. They are also ABS certified for marine/ship-board applications.

For Industrial-type UPS, Inverter and DC Power systems Gutor is one of the world’s best known manufacturers. These high quality products are customizable for highly specialized power quality applications in industrial environments.

Cadweld exothermic welded connections are the most reliable and effective grounding systems in the electrical industry.

Critech Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) from Erico help prevent outages and downtime caused by surges and spikes in supply voltage

Modular, scalable Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Distribution and Cooling Systems, complemented by Infrastructure Monitoring Systems and DCIM software ensures quick and easy data centre implementation. Using our WBT basket tray and nVent J hooks to manage your cables along with our Carlon ENT duct for your fibre cables.

Pre-fabricated Data Centres

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